Pudding of Crumby Reincarnation

At times, an epic adventure can turn into an epic loss.  However, some failures can make ingredients for other successes.  Bread and crumb pudding is, for me, the result of a fortunate accident or surplus leftovers.  Sometimes the bread I make doesn’t come out right.  Sometimes cookies get a little too dry.  Sometimes I do this deliberately because it is very, very tasty.

Most often the event that yields this pudding is a failure for the bread gremlins to do their job and the dough does not come out big and strong. If I don’t manage to whip the gremlins into shape in time, the bread can bake up too dense and have uncooked spots.  This can be due to ingredients temperature.  If the starter is too cold, the dough will not rise well.  If the dough is not stored in a warm enough location, it will not rise well.  Temperature is important.  And when that fails, there is pudding.

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