Pâte à Shoe Goo

OK, that’s a long way to go for a pun in the title, forgive me, I like pun-y titles.

Oddly enough, Big Box Bulk Foods Store[tm] offers a few varieties of pre-prepared ravioli that are actually worth eating.

The problem is that they come from a chill case, but not a freezer case, and we don’t have room in the fridge to keep things like that for more than about 24 hours. Well, the problem really is that if you put such things into the freezer, you basically ruin them.

After several experiences of thawing them out slowly over many hours, trying to boil them and having them all explode and a huge mess, I came up with A Cunning Plan[tm].

I pre-set my oven to 375 degrees and prepped a baking dish with some olive oil (the cheap stuff, of course) in the bottom.

I opened the two cartons of ravioli while they were still rock hard frozen and dropped the two bricks onto a very stout, plastic cutting board. I then fetted my largest, sharpest knife. I then sliced the bricks into half inch wide strips and lined the bottom of the baking dish with them. I put this on a stove top burner to warm up while the oven got ready and then I poured enough tomato sauce to cover all the strips into the dish just before popping it into the oven.

I left it in there until the sauce was enthusiastically boiling around the edges and then pulled it out.


The ultimate cheat for making lasagna.