Is Your Cheese Broken?

Just a very quick entry to mention a way to salvage a broken cheese sauce.

If you are making something like a baked macaroni and cheese dish and so you are preparing a cheese sauce to pour over the pasta prior to baking, and your cheese sauce is seizing, clumping, getting stringy, &c. and is failing to become something thick and creamy, you can’t ever really get it back into the proper state you want it to be in, but you can salvage it “enough” to make a meal worth eating.

Let the broken sauce cool. Once sufficiently cooled, take the cheese solids out of the liquid and cut it up into relatively small pieces. Put these and the liquid into a high powered blender (like a BlendTec or Vitamix) or food processor. Put the spurs to it (as Alton Brown, our patron saint, would say) but don’t simply render it into glue. Let the cheese retain some of its solid texture. The goal here is simply to break it up into the smallest possible bits while still being solid.

Then pour this mixture over your pasta. You won’t get the truly fantastic results you would get by pouring hot, creamy sauce. But, you will get even distribution and you will get a cheesy noodle dish you can eat without wrinkling your nose.

And yes, I am writing this entry from recent experience. 🙂