2d6 Rolls of Munchies

The bread recipe I keep carrying on about has other variations that I haven’t fulled explored. Recently I attempted rolls and felt like I had a whole new Class Trait that I’d never explored.  Of course, learning more that baking is scientific, I carefully measured things out to yield 24 rolls.  The original recipe calls for about 12 rolls from the entire dough but I decided that those Troll-sized rolls might be a bit too much to go with a meal.  My current pattern is to take half of the dough and make a loaf of bread, and then use the other half to make 12 rolls in an 8×13 pan.  The pan helps the rolls keep a taller profile; I tried half of the original batch on a cookie sheet and they rolls were more the shape of mushroom caps.

The rolls are simple (following my 1 loaf, 12 rolls method here):  divide half of the dough into 4 equal parts.  Using a scale here helps.  Then divide each of those lumps into 3 equal parts; using an even smaller scale here helps.  This may sound a bit retentive, but it helps the rolls to bake evenly.  Bake for 25 minutes at 350F.  Let cool until safe to handle, and I usually remove them from the pan with a plastic spatula (won’t scrape the pan) and then cool on a cookie rack.  These can be frozen just fine.

Baking is science, not improv.

My results so far:

  • Wheat recipe:  nice light rolls.
  • Spent-grain recipe:  dense rolls; not interested in repeating.
  • Molasses wheat rolls:  I can see why these were a cousin’s favorite

I may repeat the wheat rolls with some rosemary in them.  I’m a wee bit of a rosemary addict.  (Tip:  don’t snort it…)

I imagine these rolls could be replicated with other bread starters.  Eh?  Eh?  (Let us know how it turns out…)

6 thoughts on “2d6 Rolls of Munchies

  1. So the great irony here is that I’m not actually much of a bread guy. I hadn’t really eaten bread regularly for many years until I started baking at my parents’ house.

    We’ll see. I’m not even sure what I would _do_ with a roll.

    • What to do with rolls:
      1) When fresh out of the oven, butter and eat… so good.
      2) Mini sandwiches
      3) Gifts or a good thing for an event (I give away bread to family and friends)
      4) “egg mucmuffin” sort of breakfast (or brunch) sandwiches
      5) Throw to distract trolls so you can escape

      But, yeah, I’m a bread person.

      • Bread is definitely my new gift of choice, that’s for sure.

        Do rolls not need time to rest post baking like bread does? Bread needs 30-60 minutes or you can ruin the crumb by cutting into it before it sets up.

        • When I’m at a real computer, I should update the post to note that I let the rolls cool for a few minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. Letting them sit in the pan results in soggy rolls.

  2. Rolls were my favorite way to go as a child, and they are my son’s favorite now (hubby prefers loafs due to sandwich goodness) and I also ended up with the 1 loaf/12 rolls combination. Great cooks think alike? Second cousins are pre-disposed to think similarly? This combination was just logical?
    Anyway, love the idea of rosemary rolls! I can’t wait to try then with my next batch. The two combinations I’m considering are: rosemary/raisin/flaxseed and rosemary/olive oil. I’d love your thoughts, and I’ll let you know how they turn out!

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