Omu-raisu — Amulet of Leftover Destruction

Trying to return a bit to our early tradition of “cooking without a net”, kitchen improvisation, I want to recount a recent success.

Leftovers in question included an Indian style yellow curry with vegetable medley and shrimp as well as a shellfish paella (Spanish rice dish very much like a pilaf).

The additional major player, and the point of inspiration, was a clutch of farmer’s market eggs I had hoped would become fresh pasta, but which did not have sufficiently impressive yolks for that application (but which were still very excellent and ethical eggs).

Omu-raisu (aka omu-rice, aka omelette rice) is a Japanese comfort food which turns out to be an amulet for the obliteration of leftovers — the above items being a great example.

I beat three eggs with the curry sauce until it had retained quite a lot of air. This was poured into a non-stick pan (eggs are the only application for which such pans are acceptable) which had been pre-heated with olive oil (or butter) over medium heat.

Once the egg had begun to curdle, spoonfuls of veggie medley, curry shrimp and the paella were liberally sprinkled throughout the top and then a tight fitting lid was brought to bear on the situation. I highly recommend pre-heating the “filling” items in a separate skillet so that they aren’t trying to come up to temperature while the egg is trying not to completely dry out.

After a few minutes, remove the lid (careful not to drip all that water on the under side back into the eggs) and using a flexible spatula, fold the egg over itself either in half or, if you’re skilled, into thirds.

If you have leftover brown gravy handy, this will be an excellent addition at plating time.