The Power of Pork Fat

Lent has ended, Pascha has come and gone, and Bright Week is upon us. Time to indulge a bit!

In a culture of “buzz word” ingredients where prosciutto and pancetta get all the attention, the venerable capocollo (or capicola, or if you ask an Italian American of Napolitan descent, gabagool) is often over looked.

Well, not in this house!


You may not be able to see it, but this is something¬†infinitely¬†better than a pepperoni pizza. It is a pizza with hot (as in spicy, rather than sweet, as you can get both kinds) capocollo on the bottom. I put it under the sauce so the lean didn’t burn.

If you insist¬†on pepperoni, at least look into higher quality salumi (either hard or soft) as an alternative. What you gain flavor far outweighs the increased cost provided you aren’t paying for “buzz word” hype.