Potion of Endless Fire and Ice

  1. Find a grocery that sells whole Szechuan pepper corns [a]
  2. Pour the entire contents into your spice mill along with an equal quantity of red pepper flakes
  3. Grind as fine as you are able
  4. Pour this powder into about five time as much (by volume) of a high heat oil (like safflower)
  5. Shake thoroughly
  6. Let sit at least a week before using, but shake daily if you can remember
  7. If the oil is not red in color within that week, keep waiting
  8. Shake prior to every use
  9. Use this in every single thing you cook

Your mouth (and your guests) will thank you.

[a] I was shocked to learn this past year that the numbing peppers that make Szechuan cuisine so fantastic are not a chili, but are more like black pepper.