When Life Gives You Bad Pickles & Hot Peppers… Make Napalm

So, during the last of the Spring harvest from my garden, I had a bumper of hot peppers and sweet peppers. Out of ideas, I decided to make some spicy pickles. I bought some “baby” carrots (you know those are just cut and peeled, right) and some red vinegar, and set up a sealed jar and put it in the back of the fridge.

Well, they came out way too tart. Way too tart. After ignoring the problem for awhile, I came up with a solution. Hot sauce!

By and large, with the exception of “rooster sauce”, I don’t use bottled hot sauces. By and large, too much vinegar and heat and not enough flavor. But I do like Melinda’s brand carrot puree & habanero style bottled hot sauce for some occasions. So, I drained the jar (retaining the vinegar for future pickle experiments) and put the carrots, sweet and hot peppers in the blender with a bit of the vinegar to wet it up, and some of the dehydrated hot peppers I made back in the Spring. I now have a large quantity of very hot, very tart sauce suitable for, well I don’t know yet.

Leveling a village comes to mind.

2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Bad Pickles & Hot Peppers… Make Napalm

    • One of the games my co-author and I play is to try to tie our cooking adventures to nerdy role playing game ideas, so napalm seemed like the best fit.

      The good news with a tart hot sauce is that you can use it as a starting point in cooking. I can add honey to it and make a spicy tofu that isn’t just all pucker and burn.

      But it is hard to _add_ tart while cooking.

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