Vegan Elixir of The Dude (AKA a Vegan White Russian)

Man… sometimes you just need some existential contemplation while ponderously crunching ice flavored heavily of coffee, drenched in a creamy flavor, and backed up by the liberating aspects of a good vodka.  Therefore, after trial and error, I bring you The Dude’s favorite beverage cast into a vegan form.  Polymorphed, if you will, but not transmogrified.

It’s simple, man.  Instead of cream, use Silk soy-milk.  It is, like, thicker than other soy-milks so it makes that creamy goodness that is enjoyable in a white russian.  My preferred mix is 1:1*, coffee liqueur to vodka, and then put in whatever amount of Silk I want which is usually at least twice the mixed amount.

Remember not to drink and adventure.  And, above all, remember… The Dude abides.

* Yes, not the official ratio, but I prefer the balance rather than overpowering the flavor with the vodka.

** You are not blind, there is no “**” above, but I’m **’ing this in general to acknowledge this is not “cooking” but is the results of some net-less experimentation.  Perhaps not unique, but mighty fine nonetheless, man.


4 thoughts on “Vegan Elixir of The Dude (AKA a Vegan White Russian)

  1. Wow, I have not had a White Russian in ages. I bet it’d be good with the So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer I use in my coffee. Yummo…thanks, will have to try this one!

    • Agreed. I prefer coconut-based non-dairy products to soy. Almond based are pretty ok, too, sometimes. But I think the SO Delicious brand Coconut creamer and milks would be ideal for when “there’s a beverage, here, man”.

  2. I’ll have to look those up. So far I find the Silk quite nice because it isn’t a watery soy milk.

    How “coconutty” do these taste? I like coconut, but not when I’m looking for “milk”.

  3. If I’m drinking “milk” straight up, I prefer hazelnut milk or chocolate hemp milk. As far as the coconut milk creamer, I really can’t taste the coconut. It is sweet, so I cut down on the sugar in the coffee. Also, coconut milk yogurt does not taste coconut-y to me, and coconut aminos only taste a little bit like coconut. But if you are a super-taster, you probably will be able to taste it. I love chickpea flour in my baked goods and I can’t taste it, but others can. It depends on your taste buds.

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