The Not So Fine Line Between Preserving and Spoiling

My community garden plot had a bit of an all-at-once bumper of radishes. Now, I really like radishes, but you can only shoe-horn them into so many dishes. I was nearly out of my white guy kimchee, so I thought I’d puree what was left, retain the probiotic colony I had going, and pickle the radishes along with some carrots and cabbage.

I’m not 100% sure what went wrong, but something went terribly, terribly wrong. After a few days, opening our refrigerator became something we did with trepidation and concern. The stench was not only overpowering, it was reptile brain unpleasant. This morning I opted to accept defeat, and dumped the material onto the compost heap.

My guess is that I allowed too much air into the canisters in an effort to not introduce too much vinegar into the situation.

I believe the next time I start a batch, I’ll use quart bags instead of rigid canisters.