Tomato Soup of Vegan Defiance

I found some vegan cheese in the hopes of having a good old grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch.  My bread is vegan [1] and I reckoned that tomato soup would be as well.  HA ha HA ha HAaa…  Most tomato soups have some form of milk in them.  Sitting right next to my tomato soup is cans of stewed and diced tomatoes (T is for tomato, after all…).  So I declared “Oh, yeah?!” at the pre-packaged soups, grabbed a large can of tomatoes and headed for my modern fire pit.

The list of ingredients for this was rather random.  As I recall, it went something like this:

Can ‘o tomatoes; that’s a good start.  Milk kinda creams this so how about some Silk soy milk.  But then we need some flavor.  What do I like with tomatoes?  Basil and oregano should work.  Perhaps a little salt and pepper as well.  Oh, and garlic is nice too, so garlic powder, come on down!

What I should have done was check tomato ingredients for salt.  Many canned tomatoes have salt added.  Thankfully, I did not add too much.  Having selected my components, now came the mighty incantation.

Empty can of tomatoes, juice and all into a 3+ quart pot.  The pot should have enough room for the contents and enough depth to withstand splattering.  Add 1/4c soy milk (SWAG).  Break out the magic wand [2] and transform the chunky puddle into a creamy puree (could also do with a blender).  Set pot on burner at medium heat and add remaining spices “to taste”.  If I was to guess at the amounts, I probably added 1/2t basil, 1/2t oregano, 1/8t salt, 1/4t pepper, 1/2t garlic powder.

Stir occasionally until steamy hot.  Serve and enjoy.

It was good enough to try again; definitely good enough and fast enough to make to consider skipping canned tomato soup altogether.  I need to work on the slight sharpness of the tomatoes without adding sugar.  I know that works, but I dislike the idea.

Some slight changes I would try would be (a) use minced garlic and puree it with the tomatoes and soy milk, (b) add 1T of of olive oil, (c) experiment with other spices such as celery seed, cumin, and onion powder.  Perhaps if I were very clever I might sauté some onions and then puree those with the liquids.

8 thoughts on “Tomato Soup of Vegan Defiance

  1. I would recommend trying coconut milk, the kind that comes in a can, the regular, not the light, in place of soy milk. It will cream much more effectively than soy milk. Soy milk has a lot of sugar, coconut milk has actual fat. It is the fat in milk which allows it to cream things, after all.

    The only vegan cheese remotely worth the time and effort (imho) is Daiya brand. They do a mozzarella fake and a cheddar fake. Both work better in baked dishes than, say, sprinkled on pasta or tacos. A bit of a funny after-taste, but they actually get gooey which is really the point, after all.

    • I pondered my choice of soy milk, but I notice that Silk tends to be thicker than most. I will try coconut milk the next time.

      • There are also soy (and coconut) based “creamers” on the market, like half and half, that might do well if you find that an actual can of coconut milk brings too much coconut flavor to the soup.

  2. I do buy the “unsweetened” variety of soy milk. Why anyone would need to add sweeteners to that is beyond me.

    On your prior suggestion, we do have coconut milk (canned, full fat) on hand as well. If he’d looked under “C” he’d have noticed and perhaps thought of using it. 😉

  3. I agree with using coconut milk – Thai Kitchen, either full-fat or lite.

    Carmelized onion and garlic might be nice, pureed with the soup.

    I had a friend who made soups and finished them with toasted cumin seeds and drizzled olive oil. That might be nice in tomato soup, too.

    (Your soup recipe is making me hungry!)

    Daiya “cheese” is so, so yummy…I’m an addict.

    I don’t know how I missed your vegan posts – I’m off to read them now.

    • Hey there, Erin. I recently started posting some vegan stuff as we are trying it out for a few weeks as a kind of diet reset. However, I am discovering many things I think I’ll be incorporating into my more commonly made recipes.

      Good idea with the onions. Maybe I’ll even make Tom’s and incorporate those!

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